Speaking In Tongues
Guided by Voices

Клара Алешина

Klara Alyoshina

Translated by Alec Vagapov


* * *

* * *

Было видение Ольге-княгине:
В небе над Кромом сошлись три луча.
И повелела княгиня — отныне
Будет построен здесь храм. Как свеча.
Ввысь устремится главой золотою,
Кромские башни вокруг соберет,
Будет прославлен людскою молвою,
Лебедем белым в веках проплывет.
Olga, the Princess once had a vision:
Three beams of sunlight here merged into one.
It was a sign, and she made a decision:
There’ll be a church on this spot from now on.
Up to the sky golden domes it will raise, and
Towers an walls will surround its shrines
People will sing their songs of appraisal,
and, like a swan, it will flow through the times.