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New! (20.04.00) New! (20.04.00)

...Gradually a man has been losing his shape and turning into a sphere.
Having turned into a sphere a man loses all his wishes and desires.
Daniel Harms

The easiest way of getting a sphere is blending soap bubbles.
Hugo Steinhaus

Want to see the world - buy a globe!
Uncle Scrouge


A sphere as the best embodiment of perfection available to the mortals has been attracting a lot of attention for a long time, but it hasn't yet found itself a suitable location in the Net.

Meanwhile, being by-products of any creative individual, Spheroids are available to any creature able to move a mouse, therefore they are the most democratic and all-penetrating objects of art.

The Net Gallery «Tri Sferoida» suggests that Authors send their works and Visitors express their opinions on them.

0. General Points

0.0. Works exbited in the Gallery are dedicated to the Idea of Roundness. Apart from Spheroids we accept Geoids, UFOids, Humpty-Dumptoids, Hedgehogoids and Ovoids. The Gallery reserves the right to select works though it doesn't intend to abuse it.

0.1. The Gallery takes original works in digital formats, acceptable for the Net.

0.2. An Author has the right to hide behind the countless pen-names, but has to submit to the Gallery his real e-mail address that can be indicated, upon his wish, in the title of his work. The Gallery guarantees non-acces to the list of Authors for spammers.

0.3. Any Visitor to the Gallery has the right to express his opinion on any exhibit. On the basis of opinions received, an exhibit can be put into storage or an Author can be awarded the Order of the Gold Sphere.

1. Design Hints (for Authors)

1.0. A work is exhibited in a plain frame and on the standard background. If it doesn't suit you, you should specifically inform us.

1.1. Please, indicate the types of software and equipment used.

1.2. The Gallery is bilingual, the titles are given in Russian and English. If you doubt our translating skills, please feel free to translate them yourself.

2. Technical Hints (for Authors)

2.0. Pictures in JPEG and GIF formats are welcome.

2.1. When a plug-in module is neccesary for displaing a picture, please indicate the address from which it can be downloaded.

2.2. If a work occupies more than 50K, a thumbnail seems preferable that will serve as a reference to the full-size picture.

2.3. In any case, a picture is supposed to be viewed with the 640x480 screen monitors.