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Our region is being visited by the members of joint US-Russian

committee, investigating affairs of POW and missing in action.

US Army Major Eric Von Tersch worked here a year ago, and

Colonel Kevin Mayer arrived over here just a few days ago. The

subject of their business is search of Americans who are

considered missing in action after the Korean war. Apparently

it will be impossible to find those people, although our media

reported about some American citizens who survived after

interrogations in NKVD (former Soviet secret police), and

imprisonment in GULAG. Unfortunately, or maybe luckily these

reports turned to be just rumors and there are no authentic

facts about those who disappeared in Russian land.

By the way, when American troops were in Primorye, a lot of US

citizens disappeared. Some of them are buried here, and

track of the others is lost. Hopefully, some day these pages

of history will be opened. It is a concern of both sides.

Actually, the goal of Colonel Mayer's trip is finding

eyewitnesses of American planes' crashes. According to Mayer,

he found evidence of a plane crash (supposedly B-29) at sea,

near Askold island. Besides that, he flew on a helicopter to

taiga ("Russian pine jungles"), where the remains of another

plane were found. So, the search is continuing. We are going

to keep our readers informed about such a difficult aspect of

our relations with the US.